Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Run-in at the Pond and Well Not Much the Rest of the Day

Well readers, after raving about Zumba last night, I must say I AM hurting today. But nevertheless I got my butt over to the pond today to get a walk in. The pond's about 2 mi around so it was really fast walk. I think tomorrow I might walk twice around the pond. Walking around the pond in your hometown presents the risk of seeing someone from high school. Today I ran into a friend (thank God) and I got to catch up on the town gossip. Unfortunately I had to miss my 5 yr reunion so she filled me in on what everyone was up to.

The rest of the day, I am sad to report wasn't as exciting. Went to BJ's to do grocery shopping ( brothers tend to inhale food whenever they happen to be home). My sister went out to party, as usual. Sometimes I wish I had gone to school closer to home, because I knew that I would eventually have to come back. I miss my friends at school, I miss being at school...not exactly the actual BEING at school haha.

But enough about that, I haven't even started on this design test they want me to do. UGH my mom keeps finding things for me to do. So tomorrow I want to sit down and brainstorm. Brainstorming was not something I always liked to do. I was forced to do so in college, we always had to turn in thumbnails, rough drafts etc. It really made me focus on what I was trying to do. Which is good--I need a little focus in my life.

So I must still sign off...regretfully


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