Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun, Fonts and Fabulous News!

Well another day has passed and well, today was actually really fun! After waking up rather earlier than usual to drop my sister off at the T (the subway/metro in Boston), I decided that since I was up, I might as well start the day. Lately I've been exercising to take my mind off not hearing from anyone about ANY of the jobs I had applied for. Today I wiped off the layer of dust on my dad's exercise bike and hopped on for 20 minutes. (While watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta).
After exercising, I felt motivated to work on my blog today. I just wanted to make it my own. So I set out to explore the wild wacky world of Fonts! Being in graphics, fonts and typography can really make or break a layout. When speaking of font, it actually refers to a specific style at one particular size (measured in points where 72 pts=1 in). Let me show you some examples of fonts I found today:

This font is called "aiiight" haha I thought it was pretty cool. Kind of funky.

This one is called "Action Jackson." Really cute. Definitely used for fun designs, not really high end designs.

This font is called Hotel Coral Essex. It's sort of like the "Impact" font, but it looks like a rubber stamp!

Well anyways you get the idea...I got a little carried away with the fonts today.

However! I did refer to some FABULOUS news--I actually had a company email me back about a job I had applied for--and they wanted to have me come in for a meeting! Exciting I know, but they would like for me to create an advertorial. I just hope I can do it--the ad is supposed to be for a high end/luxury company. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket though and I hope that I can set up some more interviews on my trip to Atlanta coming up in April.

So don't worry my loyal followers--haha not yet but hopefully!--I am still regretfully...


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