Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still Rainy Tuesday...

Well readers it's still raining today and I didn't get to work out ugh...I feel really gross. But it's not that I sat around doing nothing today! I went to volunteer at my mom's school library. Her usual volunteer couldn't make it so mom "volunteered" my services. It was ok although elementary age kids really annoy me. My mom tried to read them a story, but the whole time I just wanted to yell at them "SIT YO ASS DOWN AND STFU!!!" lol. My mother has the patience of a saint. She did send two kids to time out today. My duties today were to check out books and put back some books. So not really too much. Tomorrow she's buying me Panera to thank me for helping out around the house and for today. So it pays to do stuff for your mom sometimes :)

So Twitter, yeah still trying to figure out that thing. My sister gave me some tips last night, but I still don't get what that #thing is.
But I did create a little logo for myself:
Pretty cool I think haha. I've got the @person thing going on so I'm moving up in the Twitter world!

Tomorrow I'm going to work my ass off! I have my last Zumba class this week :( boo. I really love Zumba, but she's going to do another set in May so that means its booty boot camp for me all of April!

I get to see my boyfriend one week from today--really excited. I am also really excited for this interview next week. I have to figure out what I'm going to wear. Maybe my mom will buy me a cute pencil skirt...

Don't worry, readers, I am still signing off regrettably...


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