Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ouch zumba, helloooo advil PM

Well today was my last Zumba class for a while. Liana, the instructor, is making it a 6 week session rather than just running forever haha. I'm gonna miss it, but it'll pick up again in May. I just hope I don't get too fat in April.

I'm sorry readers, but today is going to very short. I am so tired. I promise tomorrow I'll have more things to write about.

Good night and tune in tomorrow for more...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still Rainy Tuesday...

Well readers it's still raining today and I didn't get to work out ugh...I feel really gross. But it's not that I sat around doing nothing today! I went to volunteer at my mom's school library. Her usual volunteer couldn't make it so mom "volunteered" my services. It was ok although elementary age kids really annoy me. My mom tried to read them a story, but the whole time I just wanted to yell at them "SIT YO ASS DOWN AND STFU!!!" lol. My mother has the patience of a saint. She did send two kids to time out today. My duties today were to check out books and put back some books. So not really too much. Tomorrow she's buying me Panera to thank me for helping out around the house and for today. So it pays to do stuff for your mom sometimes :)

So Twitter, yeah still trying to figure out that thing. My sister gave me some tips last night, but I still don't get what that #thing is.
But I did create a little logo for myself:
Pretty cool I think haha. I've got the @person thing going on so I'm moving up in the Twitter world!

Tomorrow I'm going to work my ass off! I have my last Zumba class this week :( boo. I really love Zumba, but she's going to do another set in May so that means its booty boot camp for me all of April!

I get to see my boyfriend one week from today--really excited. I am also really excited for this interview next week. I have to figure out what I'm going to wear. Maybe my mom will buy me a cute pencil skirt...

Don't worry, readers, I am still signing off regrettably...


Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Mondays

Hello Readers! And welcome to another super fun week for the unemployed! It has been pouring ALL day so I got a lot accomplished today. I finally got some laundry done, was able to work out and I worked on my design test. I think it's pretty much finished, I just want my sister to kind of look at it as a rough draft. I just feel like it's missing something, but I'm also worried if I keep working on it, I'll over-design it. I plan on turning it in by Wednesday. They told me they wanted it by this week so I think Wednesday will be ok.

This week is also crunch time with the working out part. I really want to look good for this interview (and for my boyfriend). I just don't want to look like I've been doing nothing with my life. Plus working out has given me a goal to focus on. This way I know I'm doing something other than sending out tons of resumes everyday and not being noticed by employers. Unfortunately, due to the deluge that Massachusetts has had to deal with this March, I have to work out indoors. I miss walking the pond, being outside and rockin' out to my iPod. I hate being cold and stuck inside. When I get to Atlanta, I'm going to lay out in the sun the whoooole time! And hopefully I can get my darling boyfriend motivated to look a little harder for a job. Ugh this economy is just so grand. All those promises of jobs at the end of the college rainbow. You can't get a great job without a college degree! The graphics department has a great placement program--you'll definitely have a job by the time you graduate! Lies...

Sigh but anyway, making the best out the worst situations is what this blog is all about. I would like to get some followers soon though--so hopefully some of you come by my blog whether randomly or through twitter and leave me some comments. What are you doing in this economy? Employed or Fun-employed? Hope to hear from someone! I'll be here still--enjoying my...


Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday

Today I finally got crackin' on my design test and I'm just worried it looks too amateur. I have an interview in two weeks and the design is due next week. I think I might have overstepped by applying to this job, but they wouldn't have contacted me if they weren't impressed by my resume right? I am really happy though that they actually got back to me. I am really excited about going to meet this guy and about the company. Plus, I can't wait to get to Atlanta!

In case you were wondering, my readers, why Atlanta? Well it is very close to my alma mater and of course, my boyfriend lives outside of Atlanta (so that's more of the main reason). I've never really enjoyed living up north, in fact I still hold a grudge against this freezing state...but that's a story for another time, maybe at a therapist's office.

Also, while working on my design test, I found a job listing for Michael Kors and OOOMMMGGG (sorry I'm channeling my inner tween) I would love to work there. So I'll have to keep applying while I'm still on...


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Run-in at the Pond and Well Not Much the Rest of the Day

Well readers, after raving about Zumba last night, I must say I AM hurting today. But nevertheless I got my butt over to the pond today to get a walk in. The pond's about 2 mi around so it was really fast walk. I think tomorrow I might walk twice around the pond. Walking around the pond in your hometown presents the risk of seeing someone from high school. Today I ran into a friend (thank God) and I got to catch up on the town gossip. Unfortunately I had to miss my 5 yr reunion so she filled me in on what everyone was up to.

The rest of the day, I am sad to report wasn't as exciting. Went to BJ's to do grocery shopping ( brothers tend to inhale food whenever they happen to be home). My sister went out to party, as usual. Sometimes I wish I had gone to school closer to home, because I knew that I would eventually have to come back. I miss my friends at school, I miss being at school...not exactly the actual BEING at school haha.

But enough about that, I haven't even started on this design test they want me to do. UGH my mom keeps finding things for me to do. So tomorrow I want to sit down and brainstorm. Brainstorming was not something I always liked to do. I was forced to do so in college, we always had to turn in thumbnails, rough drafts etc. It really made me focus on what I was trying to do. Which is good--I need a little focus in my life.

So I must still sign off...regretfully


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Errands,Twitter and Zumba

Busy busy busy day today! But I'm not complaining--it got me up and out of the house. This morning I woke up and saw my daily "To-Do" note from my mom...( See below ) So I guess I had to get out and get going for the day. I already had some errands of my own I had put off: Bank to deplete my savings...and I finally got my car inspected. (I was only 2 months expired...). But I was really glad my car passed haha.

So I finally signed up for Twitter, trying to get people to notice me--HELLOOO!! haha. I don't really know what I'm doing, but I DID add a Twitter button on the side bar sooo if reading my one post a day blog isn't enough for you...check me out! (greeneyedgirl51) Currently I'm following a couple people, like Kelly Cutrone from People's Revolution--she's awesome. Loved her on the Hills and love her on her new show on Bravo: Kell on Earth. ( my guilty pleasure--Bravo shows ). I'm also following Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker. Her tweets are so funny. She recently posted Places that you shouldn't go to find a guy.

But I digress...

As this blog is named for my current status, I have to report what I have done to help my life become a little more interesting. Zumba is one of the best things I've discovered in my job hiatus. It is a exercise class that is based on international dance. It's great because 1) it's totally free. The store Lululemon offers FREE exercise classes and 2) it is SO much fun! I love to dance and Zumba doesn't feel like your mother's (or in my case...grandmother's) jazzersize class. It is a tough work out though. I'm always exhausted after Zumba, but I feel great! It takes a couple classes to learn the steps and she always throws in some new songs sometimes, but once you've done it, it's so much fun.

Since I was super busy today, I didn't get to any work things today (ugh mother...) So I am still, unfortunately working on my...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun, Fonts and Fabulous News!

Well another day has passed and well, today was actually really fun! After waking up rather earlier than usual to drop my sister off at the T (the subway/metro in Boston), I decided that since I was up, I might as well start the day. Lately I've been exercising to take my mind off not hearing from anyone about ANY of the jobs I had applied for. Today I wiped off the layer of dust on my dad's exercise bike and hopped on for 20 minutes. (While watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta).
After exercising, I felt motivated to work on my blog today. I just wanted to make it my own. So I set out to explore the wild wacky world of Fonts! Being in graphics, fonts and typography can really make or break a layout. When speaking of font, it actually refers to a specific style at one particular size (measured in points where 72 pts=1 in). Let me show you some examples of fonts I found today:

This font is called "aiiight" haha I thought it was pretty cool. Kind of funky.

This one is called "Action Jackson." Really cute. Definitely used for fun designs, not really high end designs.

This font is called Hotel Coral Essex. It's sort of like the "Impact" font, but it looks like a rubber stamp!

Well anyways you get the idea...I got a little carried away with the fonts today.

However! I did refer to some FABULOUS news--I actually had a company email me back about a job I had applied for--and they wanted to have me come in for a meeting! Exciting I know, but they would like for me to create an advertorial. I just hope I can do it--the ad is supposed to be for a high end/luxury company. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket though and I hope that I can set up some more interviews on my trip to Atlanta coming up in April.

So don't worry my loyal followers--haha not yet but hopefully!--I am still regretfully...


Monday, March 22, 2010

Greetings Internet World!

I'd like to welcome everyone to Project "FUN-Employment!" I'm just getting started at this blogging thing so hopefully I'll get some better looking graphics/layout by the time I get at least SOME readers.

Project "FUN-Employment" is my daily blog about putting the FUN in FUN-Employment. I am female, 20-something, recent graduate with a B.S. in Graphic Communications (sorry, shameless plug...). I live in the Boston Metro Area, but I'm trying to get a job around here or in the Atlanta Area. Applying to jobs, well pretty much LIKE it's my job, is tiring but also quite monotonous. SO, while applying to jobs, I've decided to try to make my days a little more exciting!

Follow me (Please...) and my super interesting life as I enjoy my days on ...