Hey followers! It wouldn't be a blog about "fun-employment" without little sample of works that I have done! Take a look at what I've done at school and at internships and let me know what you think!

(Page is a work in progress--Sorry for the inconvenience!)

Here is a sample of an 8-page booklet we created in one of my classes at school. We had to create the entire book from concept to design and printing it on press. I had so much fun in this class; it was probably one of my favorite classes.

This is what the inside pages looked like. Really simple, clean design.

This was another project we had for class. We had to create packaging  design for a paperboard box, a flexible package, a pressure-sensitive label and a Point-Of-Sale corrugated display. We created a brand, complete with logo, and carried the brand throughout the project.

This is an actual flyer that Hannaford & Dumas used for their referral program. I designed it using InDesign and Photoshop. It was sent out with every invoice for clients to enter in a drawing for a Bose system.

This business card was a whole set for their company. The magenta logo actual was embossed (why it was magenta for the file--not magenta on the final piece). I also did a couple custom notepads for the company as well.

Recently, since looking for a job, I have been volunteering my skills just to make sure I'm staying up to date. I created this logo for an up and coming independent film company, astropiano films. astropiano films is based in Vermont and their first film, Sunblocked, is being shown October 1, 2010 in Harvard Square. It's going to be a real premier, with photographers and reporters.

I am invited of course...having been an extra in the film. So I'm really excited that the logo that I designed will be featured at the premier.

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