Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Mondays

Hello Readers! And welcome to another super fun week for the unemployed! It has been pouring ALL day so I got a lot accomplished today. I finally got some laundry done, was able to work out and I worked on my design test. I think it's pretty much finished, I just want my sister to kind of look at it as a rough draft. I just feel like it's missing something, but I'm also worried if I keep working on it, I'll over-design it. I plan on turning it in by Wednesday. They told me they wanted it by this week so I think Wednesday will be ok.

This week is also crunch time with the working out part. I really want to look good for this interview (and for my boyfriend). I just don't want to look like I've been doing nothing with my life. Plus working out has given me a goal to focus on. This way I know I'm doing something other than sending out tons of resumes everyday and not being noticed by employers. Unfortunately, due to the deluge that Massachusetts has had to deal with this March, I have to work out indoors. I miss walking the pond, being outside and rockin' out to my iPod. I hate being cold and stuck inside. When I get to Atlanta, I'm going to lay out in the sun the whoooole time! And hopefully I can get my darling boyfriend motivated to look a little harder for a job. Ugh this economy is just so grand. All those promises of jobs at the end of the college rainbow. You can't get a great job without a college degree! The graphics department has a great placement program--you'll definitely have a job by the time you graduate! Lies...

Sigh but anyway, making the best out the worst situations is what this blog is all about. I would like to get some followers soon though--so hopefully some of you come by my blog whether randomly or through twitter and leave me some comments. What are you doing in this economy? Employed or Fun-employed? Hope to hear from someone! I'll be here still--enjoying my...


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