Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looks like its back to Atlanta soon, folks!

Hello my readers (if you're out there)! Well it looks like I'm headed back to Atlanta at the end of next week and doing a bit of job hunting (hopefully). It's hard being a long distance relationship. It's especially hard since in the beginning of our relationship we practically lived together. And now...we're 1000 mi apart. We know that we're supposed to be together, but with the current job climate, being unemployed means home with the parents...FUN! We both wouldn't mind living in either city, but we both can't afford to move anywhere without a job first. My sister moved to Nashville for 8 months and couldn't find a job and had to come all the way back home. I just can't do that. If I leave I want it to be for GOOD. But...nothing without a job. So recently I've been using my boyfriend's address as my info when applying for jobs.

My mother suggested that I apply to be a pharmacy technician, just for the time being and to pay the bills. It doesn't sound BAD I guess...I just wish I could find a job in my field. I know I know I'm being a typical whiny 20-something...I guess when I get back I'll have to just suck it up and do it. My student loans are going to be up soon and I went to school for extra time...I just changed my major really late in the game! Not cause I'm a partier--trust me I would have rather graduated on time and gotten a job like all the other people who I would have graduated with!!

Well my readers, I am getting very very sleepy--enjoy the night and I'll be back tomorrow (I promise!) and I'll still sign off--


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