Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I mean its not like I'm busy or anything...

Since my return from Atlanta, I feel that my life is just blah. NO responses, NO emails, NOTHING!! ugh I am getting really depressed. I applied to a part time job this weekend and I haven't even heard anything from them! I've thrown myself into exercising--walking the pond, eating better, not eating as MUCH. And I still just feel like I'm never going to get a job. However, I am going to Atlanta again actually pretty soon! So hopefully this time I can get more interviews scheduled while I'm down there. I just want to be settled somewhere; with a job, my bf and our cat (I really miss that fuzzbutt!) ugh this whole job thing is just really bumming me out. The days are starting to blend together and I can't sleep at night. I just need something to come in...ANYTHING!! PLEAAASE EMPLOYERS OUT THERE!! Seriously I think it wouldn't be that hard just to send out a NO email to people who applied, just so people, like me, won't be hanging on for your job posting!! SO my readers, on that note...I am still (un)happily


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