Monday, June 28, 2010

Mary Kay Is The Only Company Willing To Hire Me...ugh

Ok so I've been in Atlanta for about a month. My boyfriend's parents are separating and he needed me...

SO after celebrating my 24th birthday, yes I know--almost a quarter of a century, it's finally June. And with June comes...The first payment of my student loans (o joy). Yes audience, it has been a whole six months since my graduation and I am still ...(f)unemployed. I tried to find a job in the Atlanta area, however, the only bite I had was a lady tricking me into going to a Mary Kay Information Session. How did she trick me? She started out by calling me cute. Then she said she worked for an internet start up company and she knew a woman who was an art director. At this point, she has my full attention. She tells me to come to a "networking session" and from what I understood it was a bunch of women from the area that networked. So after driving to the Weston Hotel in Atlanta, I discovered that the only "networking session" going on in the hotel was a Mary Kay information session. Damn. I sat through that entire thing while my poor boyfriend was forced to sit at the hotel bar and drink. I had never felt so stupid as I sat through this "session." I looked around and it was a lot of younger girls like myself. I will admit that it seemed a little too good to be true as they flashed their expensive clothes, purses and shoes. The woman who got me to come tonight kept repeating over and over again how she lived in the same neighborhood as Usher (the singer) and she told us stories about how she believed God wanted her to be a Mary Kay Lady.

Seriously...So I told this woman that I am not a permanent resident of Georgia and that I couldn't make any decisions right there without talking to my parents; she was ready to sign my name right then and there. After getting home, I was delusional--thinking "hey I could actually do this!" I talked to my mom (way past her bedtime) and she told me to think about it. I went to the blogs!

I found this interesting website:
They talked about the deception that Mary Kay uses to bring in new people for their somehow lawful pyramid scheme. My jaw dropped. Everything, from how they acted to how they dressed, was all about getting more people into the Mary Kay System. I was insulted. I was so offended that this woman lied to get me to this session and then all the glitz and glamour faded away from the idea. To this day, she STILL emails me about training.

In other jobless news, I had an interview two weeks ago. Sounded promising, they called ME to come out for an interview. I flew back from Atlanta just for this interview. Long story short--they "decided to go in a different direction." They felt as a MARKETING CONSULTANT FIRM, that they wanted someone who was more into sales as I, they also felt, was more of an ADVERTISING focused person.

So total count: hundreds of jobs applied for, two interviews, no call backs and zero job. I'm about to lose my mind.

However, I did volunteer at my mom's schools last week to take my mind off things. It felt like I had an actual job again. I just want to be able to work, to have a job, to make some money, TO MOVE ON TO A NEW LIFE!

I'm sorry my blog, but I promise to update more. I just wish I could get some readers. I think it's time to start branching out!

Still signing off my readers, as...


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