Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whoa Long Time, No Blog!

Hello my (non-existent) readers! I am so sorry I've been so busy! I just got back from Atlanta yesterday and I came back with a great sinus infection from the pollen...gross. BUT I think I'm pretty much sold on the idea of living down there. I feel like if I stay in Boston, I'll be stuck at my parents' house forever and that doesn't sound like fun. Plus all my friends, my boyfriend live in the south. I'm DYING of boredom here. I really need a job soon. I've actually agreed to clean my aunt's house in return for money. First things first, I have to get over this sinus infection thing before I start hitting the part time job scene so I don't look like I'm diseased. I also got a little networking done while I was down in Atlanta. Networking is really big now--using your contacts to your advantage was pretty much hammered into my head by one of my (least favorite) professors. But my boyfriend's friend works at a recruiting agency--uh hello? Why didn't I know of this earlier?? I gotta send her my resume! I'm still scarred from that last company that just up and changed their mind and I still can't believe I still haven't heard from any of the companies I've applied to. It really sucks because I've only applied to jobs I thought I was well qualified if not more than qualified for. What am I doing wrong? I feel like everyone else in my graduating class has found a job except me. I feel like a failure sometimes. And when June comes around and my loans start pouring in, I'll have nothing saved...The fun is starting to run out and I really need to get a job soon. But so far...I'll still be...


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