Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Online Job Searching Part Deux

Ok so I just got the runaround from a couple of sites today. This is what happened when I attempted to apply to just ONE job:

1) went to -- searched "Production Artist"
2) saw a job posting that I liked -- clicked on it, read the description, wanted to apply
3) clicked on "apply now" button
4) was redirected to ANOTHER job site that required registration to that site in order to apply
5) registered, had to wait for email with password reset
6) clicked on the reset link, ok I'm registered...wait, where did the job go?
7) went BACK to to find the job, clicked on the "apply now" logged in etc.
8) job site tells me WAIT!!! you can't apply to the job unless you post your resume!!
9) filled in the skills, education, contact info fields; click confirm ok done...o wait...where did the job go again?
10) AGAIN went BACK to to find the job (by now I'm doubting if I even want this job)
11) I am finally!! allowed to apply. Writing a note to the employer, only 300 characters? Not enough room to even tell them about my internships! (which the resume website omitted)

So I really don't think I am getting any call/email back for this job. Although I feel like I put in a LOT of work just to apply. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to make a move to Atlanta if want to be even considered for a position. I just don't like the idea of moving down there with no job prospects. If I move I want it to be for good; I don't want to have to move back to my parents' house, defeated.

But, I digress...must get back to the job boards!
Signing off (I have ONE reader!)


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