Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting My Creative On!

Hey! Sorry I took the weekend off, but I'm back! Today (as usual) I applied to a couple new jobs. I'm hoping that a lot of people are lulled into the idea that "it's the summer, no one's going to do any hiring now" and I'm the only one applying to jobs. One can dream right? The fact is, it's been six months since I've graduated. So that means, the loans have been piling up. Life is really starting to stress me out. I want to move to Atlanta soon, but CitiBank is looming over everything that I do.

On a lighter note...

I worked out a little bit. Did some pilates and walked the pond; just trying to get all this weight off my mind. I did pilates while I was at Clemson during one of the toughest semesters. I ended up getting Dean's List that semester. I really feel that pilates made me slow down for an hour and just BREATHE. I just find it very relaxing and calming. Walking the pond is also the same kind of therapy. I feel that it's very important to get out and breathe during the job search. Sure you can apply to jobs all day, but you can't do it everyday. Looking for a job is almost as tiring as actually HAVING a job.

I also worked on a logo for a friend's production company. My best friend Shannon is starring in an independent film called "Sunblocked." This is her first lead role and it is her friend Jess's first film (outside of film school). Here is the poster for the movie (I didn't design this--disclaimer)

Check out the trailer:

Jess's production company, AstroPiano is brand new and she also has a couple of student projects up on youtube that are also pretty good. She's a sweet girl and she just got married last week!! Congrats!! They are planning on wrapping up in August and premiering the movie, in Harvard Square (Boston). So if you happen to be in the area you should stop by! I am actually going to be an extra in one of the scenes--we're going to be shooting on Saturday!! Haha it's my acting debut!!

So lots of exciting things and lots of not so exciting things in the world of Fun-employment. I try to stay on the positive and I won't give up my dreams.

Still signing off


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