Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Not So Helpful Job Site

Hello Blogger World. Haven't been up to a whole lot, other than diligently sending out resumes and anticipating ANY response. One job that I applied for, I can't stop thinking about. I really feel like I have a chance at getting this job. Entry-level, pre-press job I mean that's pretty much what GC has prepared me for!! I've started following them on LinkedIn and I feel like the next step would be to make connections with people at the company. However, I don't want to come off as desperate or arrogant. I really REALLY want this job.

I have an interview for a restaurant job today, no big deal. Just need to make some quick cash to pay some bills and start saving to move down to Atlanta. So I'm still going to say that I am "Fun-Employed." I hope that doesn't offend anyone haha. Times are tough and a job is a job.

As for the topic of the day. Job sites (as I previously posted) can be very helpful. However, one job site that I had joined is really not working for me. The site is called "JobFox."

This is what my public profile looks like to employers:

Since my most recent job was working at chili's too on campus, apparently the site classifies me as a food service worker. There's nothing WRONG with working in food service, but that is NOT what I want employers to see when I'm trying to apply for jobs in graphics. Plus I can't change it because I would have to take it off of my resume so that the site wouldn't read it off the resume. They also keep sending me jobs for hotel and food service that I DON'T WANT! And the actual graphics jobs they do send me are for people with 4+ years of experience when the job site CLEARLY lists me as less than a year experience (thanks--I guess all my class work doesn't count either).

JobFox also keeps sending me emails for upgrading my resume (for a mere $100). Gee thanks but no thanks. I've said no MULTIPLE times, yet they keep sending me emails about it. They're almost as annoying as the Mary Kay lady!!

Well I must go get ready for my face to face interview. I just wish it was for a full-time real job position.
So I am still considering myself


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