Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Keep Truckin' (Applying to Jobs That Is)

If you are unemployed and think you are too good for a part-time job, then I think you're missing out on a great place to network! Since working at the restaurant, I've met many fellow grads like myself who are also looking for jobs. A restaurant is a great way to network because you talk to customers one on one. The best shift to work for network is lunch. It might not be the best to make money, but I've gotten many business cards after talking to customers about my degree and my desired career path. (Of course it doesn't hurt that I just love to talk to people!)

So not only am I applying to full-time positions in Atlanta, I've also gone onto the Nordstrom website to apply to part-time jobs. Here's hoping to hear from someone or something soon!

Still signing off


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