Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moving in a Few Weeks? Where Did the Time Go?

Somehow it became September already and now I'm scrambling to find out what I have to get done before I move. Of course moving to an entirely different state, almost 1000 mi away is a lot different than moving down the street or across town. Here are some of the things I need to take care of before I hit the road: (And don't worry, I've been applying to jobs left and right).

1) Packing: Well the most dreaded thing on the entire list. I was hoping when I moved home to Boston, it would be for a while (find a job, make money for a couple years etc etc). I am NOT looking forward to that...

2) Address Change: I think I should maybe wait until I get there to actually do the address change. I would hope my parents would hold onto my mail for me. Plus my dad loves opening my mail anyways.

3) Bank Change: My current bank is only found in suburbs of Boston, so it wouldn't be very useful in Atlanta. I'm going to have to maybe go to Bank of America. Of course I also need to look at more options...

4) Car Insurance: Ok this is one change I am SO looking forward to do. I really feel like my insurance is ripping me off, but I'm gonna wait for the policy to expire for the year. That way I'll still be covered in GA. I think I'll also wait until then to

5) New License/New plates: I think the correct order I have to do this is license first, then plates/registration and then insurance? I'm not really sure.

6) Medical Insurance: I'm still covered under my dad's plan until I'm 25, but I'm not sure how it would work if I move out. Plus if I get a job and claim myself independent on taxes does that mean I'm not dependent on my dad's insurance?

As you can see, I still have a lot of questions to get answered before I move down there. The problem is that my dad is not very happy that I'm moving out and feels that it's not a good decision on my part. And when dad isn't happy, no one's happy. I just wish I could sit down and ask him these questions and not have to worry about him judging me or saying some smart remark about me being poor...he wasn't exactly rich when he was my age either. Plus I won't be entirely alone. My boyfriend's mom moved back into the area, so I'll still have someone who can give me advice or help if I need it.

I am open to suggestions, my readers! I need help figuring this stuff out. Am I going in the right direction? I just feel like I can get more help from Clemson if I'm closer to the network (regarding finding a job). Let me know what you think!

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I've been doing some updates on my portfolio page if you haven't checked it out yet. I just finished a logo for and independent film co. "astropiano films" if you haven't checked it out already! The logo will be featured at their first film premier for "Sunblocked" opening October 1, 2010 in Harvard Square!

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